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Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of frequently asked questions and related answers.
How are you able to answer my phone calls?

Included with your BeeOpen chat with phone subscription is your own call-forwarding phone number. This is usually a toll-free or local phone number that you can easily forward inbound calls to your business at any time, your customer will not need to change the phone number they call. What makes BeeOpen unique is our ability to handle both live phone calls and live chats.

What makes BeeOpen different from other Live Chat providers?

BeeOpen is a different because we created an affordable solution once only available to the worlds biggest brands. Your subscription includes premium integrated conversation technology combined with a team of expertly trained live agents to actually answer those chats (and phone calls) on your behalf.  This means your one low price subscription to BeeOpen includes both the technology and the services to make it really work.

How long does it take to get started?

After completing your registration and choosing your plan, you'll instantly have a phone number you can forward calls and receive SMS texts. Additionally, you'll have the code to apply BeeOpen Live Chat bubble on your website. If you use Facebook Messenger or have a Facebook page, you can enable those conversations to flow into BeeOpen as well.

We let you schedule your on-boarding consulting call at your convenience, during this call we take time to review your business FAQs and design the script you prefer our agents use when communicating with customers on your businesses behalf.

Do I need to have technical expertise to get started with Live Chat??

No technical skills are required from you. Every new BeeOpen subscription includes a free "Get Live" kickoff call. This call can be scheduled at your convenience. During that call, our experts we will help you apply the BeeOpen Live Chat code to your website, or, if needed we will gather details to communicate with your webmaster to help facilitate the installation.

Why do your hourly rates fluctuate?

Because we staff agents to cover thousands of clients and those agents must be trained to support your specific business we must reach a minimum revenue threshold for each client. As your coverage hours reduce your hourly rate increases but your total expense will be $24 or less per day for chat coverage and $48 or less per day for chat with phone coverage.

What if I need more users?

Each subscription plan includes user accounts for your employees. This gives your employees access to technology to help you run your business beyond customer communication like tasks and team collaboration. Your employees are not required to use this technology but we hope you'll use it and find it valuable.

I have multiple websites, can I install BeeOpen Live Chat on all of them?

Our plan allows for a allotted number of authorized domains. Five domains are included with each plan. Adding more website domains is allowed for $5/month per domain.

Where are your agents located, is english their primary language?

Our contact center is located in suburban Chicago, IL. Our agents speak English, however, we have some teams with bi-lingual skills (Spanish & English). If your business requires bi-lingual agents, please let us know and we can be sure your conversations route to our bi-lingual team.