BeeOpen combines service and software to transform engagement with your customers.

Now you can be(e) open 24/7 and be contacted through any channel whether it's phone, text, social media, google, or whatever. Most importantly, you don’t even need to be personally available, we have your back throughout all of it.

BeeOpen Services

Services help you execute on your strategies, we go beyond simply providing software, and help you actually succeed in modern communication.

Account Manager
A dedicated and trusted expert in all things BeeOpen. Your account manager can help guide your business through the execution of sophisticated conversation strategies, using best practices that have a track record of success.
Onboard Consulting
BeeOpen experts help you get off to a quick start. We guarantee implementation goes smoothly and take the time to educate you on the benefits of our products and services to tailor the right conversation strategy for your business..
Promise Keeper
A BeeOpen service that follows-up on tasks that are overdue or about to become due. We firmly believe that timely follow-through with customers results in increased satisfaction and future business. If follow-through is a challenge for your team let us help you get it right 100% of the time.
Quality Reviews
BeeOpen live agent conversations are continuously audited following a comprehensive quality review program. Agent compensation is based on performance and adherence to service standards we have refined over 20 years in the business. Empathetic. Pleasant. Professional. Polite. Your customer will notice the quality of service.
Our integrated live agent service that ensures your conversations keep flowing 24/7. In fact, some clients choose to let us handle 100% of their chat-based conversations.

BeeOpen App Features

The BeeOpen web and mobile apps keep you connected, organized, informed. All the features you need to crush your competition.

Real-time reporting on the state of your conversation ecosystem. How many chats/calls are you handling and from what platforms? How many tasks are due today? How many customers did we add from Facebook last week?
Automate conversation flows. Reduce agent and staff time for common questions and workflows.
Import and Export Customer Lists. Recognize existing customers in conversations. History of customer conversations.
Facebook Messenger
Over 1 billion daily users. Your customers are already having conversations here.
Knowledge Base
Your businesses key information and FAQs. Improves overall consistency of response across teams. Can be extended to your website or used internally for your team. Includes suggested replies and is integrated to active chat conversations.
Live Web Chat
Customizable chat widget for your website. No plugins needed. Simple Setup. File and Image transfers and more.
Mobile App
iOS and Android apps keep you chatting on the go. Alerts. Tasks. Reports delivered to your mobile device.
Phone Forwarding
For 20+ years BeeOpen has been answering phone calls in the name of small businesses. Don't forget a strategy for your most important channel. This is the highest ROI service we offer.
Automate follow-ups and after-the-sale inquiries. Ask for a reviews. Turn past customers into a regular buyers of consumables by fostering conversations at just the right time for your business.
Proactive Chat
When users are browsing your web pages you can send them scripted messages to encourage a conversation. Turn browsing visitors into prospects or purchasers.
Real-Time Alerts
Be notified via email. In app and push notifications or SMS alerts for any conversation task or customer event.
Conversations sometimes create follow-up work items. Use BeeOpen tasks to keep your teams meeting or exceeding service levels.
Our agreement with your business:
Subscription Service - No Long Term Contract
Immediate Value Received
No Hidden Fees
Dedicated Support & Consultation
US Based Agents
24/7 Phone Receptionists
Never miss a call

With over 20 years experience, the BeeOpen team has perfected the customer experience for independently owned service businesses. We are experts at implementing phone solutions that use your existing infrastructure. Your business grows when you never miss an opportunity. BeeOpen experts also handle your chats too.

Live Web Chat
Get the
conversation started.

Relationships start with conversations. Your marketing investments drive customers to your website, where BeeOpen Live Web Chat fosters conversations with those visitors, at anytime. Your business will never be offline, even if you are. So go ahead, jump-in and start chatting your way to more online conversions.

Chat with us, we are online!
SMS Texting
"Just text us." Convenient SMS for you and your customer.

Modern consumers prefer the convenience of texting. BeeOpen enables your primary business number for SMS text messaging. Stop giving out your personal cell phone number for texts, this is a safer, more professional option. Your customers will love the convenience and your business will prosper by keeping conversations going longer.

Pizza World
Text us now
Hey, can we order 2 large margarita pizza's?
Sent - 2 minutes ago
Automate, follow-up and start conversations.

Nurture leads, follow-up or ask for a review. Send outbound campaigns from BeeOpen to the platform your customers prefer, at the time that makes the most sense for delivery. You can sit back, relax and enjoy higher conversions.

Day 1
Welcome - Thank You
Day 7
Follow-up + Review
Day 21
Value Offer + New Ideas
Day 45
Soft Sell
Day 180
Reminder for 6 month service
BeeOpen Web App
One simple app centralizes conversations & customers.

Stop juggling multiple apps. Share the responsibilities across your entire service or support team. Enjoy the convenience of centralized messaging, centralized customers, and centralized tasks. With BeeOpen, the reach of the worlds most effective customer engagement platforms are simplified into an easy-to-use app.

BeeOpen Mobile App
Stay informed to your business wherever you go.

Use our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices and enjoy the convenience of instant notification when items need your immediate attention. Review tasks, call or text your customers back, even have live conversations. The BeeOpen mobile app keeps you in the know, when you are on the go.

Open your business to new customers on different platforms.
Extend business hours without extending your own hours.
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